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Your experience of Therapy

What might it be like for you?

Entering therapy for the first time may be a confusing and frightening experience. For some, coming into contact with feelings and emotions that might have been suppressed over time can be overwhelming. For others, the relief of being in a safe place to off load to someone neutral, empathic and attentive can be immediately liberating in itself. You might feel you are being disloyal to others in bringing your problems to a ‘stranger’ or you might worry that you will be pushed into disclosing information too fast.

Alternatively, you may not know what to expect from therapy and even feel ambivalent about its relevance to you, your life and relationships. The most important aspect of therapy is the relationship between client and therapist, only if this feels safe enough will you want to deal with the root causes that brought you to therapy in the first place. My aim is that our relationship will be egalitarian and open. I will not hide information from you or hold ‘secret’ theories that I do not explain. For me, honesty and respect are paramount in this relationship.

How you relate to yourself and those around you may become evident within our relationship.

So, together we can become your source for development, change and attainment. For this reason the pace of a session is governed by you and I maintain a strict code of counsellor/client confidentiality and good ethical practice.

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