Caro Hill, Psychotherapist

How I work

As an integrative therapist I will draw on different aspects of various therapeutic models when working with a client and to suit their individual needs. This means that over time we could use the hour together to explore the relationship issues (past and present), historical experiences, boundary issues and belief systems that may impact upon your life, work and relationships today. Or you may want to focus on a single issue to develop new coping strategies around it.

At heart I believe, as humans, we have a deep need to feel understood by and connected to others. I further believe that this is only achievable through first developing our relationship with ourselves. Therapy is therefore about gaining self awareness, then accessing and strengthening inbuilt resources to enable us to develop stronger and more rewarding relationships both with our selves and those around us. It offers us the opportunity and ability to make more informed choices in our own lives.

Therapy offers you, as the client, the chance to be listened to without judgement, shame or preconception. It should be a safe relationship within which to search for the meaning, sense and truth of a life and increasing intimacy and harmony in the wider relationships we are part of.

For those facing their own (or that of a family member) substance or process addictions and eating disorders I also have experience in 12 step programmes.

I have been the group facilitator for the South Oxfordshire Divorce Support Group and, although I no longer run post-divorce groups, I do work with couples and families who need support in managing and improving their relationships.

As a member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) I adhere to their Code of Ethics and Practice.

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Caro Hill

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